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Mayors of Simpleton

Ray Kainz

Sign: Unoptanium

Ray Kainz is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and song writer with 25 years performing experience and 21 years of teaching experience. Ray has produced tracks for commercial clients including Aleve/Bayer, Pacific Bell, Nintendo, Chicago International Children’s Film Festival, Sprint/Nextel, Columbia College Chicago and Master Card. His guitar playing can also be heard in Vivendi/Universal's Scareface:The World Is Yours video game and in Sony Pictures’ big screen cult classic Zombie Strippers starring Jenna Jameson and Robert Englund.

Ray has also had the privilege of working with major label acts and artists, playing live around the world and recording in world-class recording studios with some of the best engineers and producers in the industry.

Ray earned his Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College, Chicago with concentrations in Music Composition and Instrumental Performance. After a year long stint touring with the Space Rockers’, Ray has returned to MOS where more is better


John Fanelli

Sign: Mercury

Coming from a musical family John Fanelli seamlessly fell into what has become a constant in his life, music. Ranging from structured school musical organizations to very unstructured rock groups, John has been fortunate enough to partake in all. After learning how to play wind instruments in grade school John went on to play Guitar, Bass Guitar and Percussion. This then led to his successfully completion of 2 years as a music/percussion major at the University of Texas at El Paso. Although the intention in his life was to become a music teacher, the circuit touring lifestyle with his rock music took the front seat.

After 25+ years in the world of music, all delusions of grandeur have since left him. John has found that the love for music, teaching those that are willing to learn and having been able to play with the quality of musicianship that is present in the likes of Mayors of Simpleton’s Ray Kainz - guitar/lead vocal and Steven Pride Drums/vocals is the payoff that really makes it worthwhile.

Steve Pride

Sign: Neon

Born in Fort Worth Texas moving on to several cities in New Mexico and finishing high school and some College in Alpine Texas, Steve decided to pursue drumming in 1979 full time. Steve started with a punk band in the early 80's known as Sensuous Plastique playing Austin and around Texas, which later evolved into a band known as the New Torpedos performing with a variety of musicians for 14 years. Steve later joined a talented trio of brothers in a band in the mid 90's known as Stonepillow. Soon after Stone Pillow Steve played with an experimental rock band known as Gambit with challenging originals and covers from the likes of Yes.

Steve’s next effort was with Bakin’ Brownies which was a strong match for his original material thirst along with an array of diverse cover material to be more competitive in the Austin music market. Numerous performances and a couple of records later, the band disbanded after almost 6 years together. Steve’s next project was drumming for a local Tom Petty tribute band for almost 2 years with a talented lineup of musicians. This is when he met John and Ray.

Blessed to have worked with such fine song writers, musicians and performers for the past 30 years truly makes Austin the place for musical diversity. The greatest credit for Steve's longevity certainly goes to his loving family for their tolerance and patience over these many years as Steve continues to grow as a musician. Steve’s recording credits include full length record/CD with New Torpedos, Stonepillow and two from Bakin’ Brownies.

Mayors of Simpleton will be a crowning achievement for Steve working with incredible talent such as vocalist and bassist John Fanelli along with vocalist and sensational guitarist, Ray Kainz. The collective skills and depth propel the band to work in a true collaborative process as all of the band members sing offering a wonderful range of material to perform.

Neil Scanlon

Sign: “Out to Lunch”

 In 1993 Neil was minding his own business, diligently studying the art of sax and finding he had an innate talent for art and music, when he witnessed the school talent show. A lone young man appeared on-stage and proceeded to play some Garth Brooks or something. At that moment, the crowd of newly pubescent sixth graders went nuts and he realized that no one cheers for sax players... but it will put you through college.

Equal parts technician and artist, it would not be uncommon to find Neil disassembling an amplifier or strumming a paintbrush. Yes, he knows that’s not how that works. Did you miss the technician part? He spent his formative years crafting a unique form of hitting a guitar until it makes noises that resemble music - a technique learned not from any school, but from frantically trying to keep up with "…And Justice for All”.

Neil holds a BA in Music with a minor in Technology - a degree that was earned from time split between recording studios and physics classes, to concert halls and bars. No, not like that - he ran sound and played in bands. He has been fortunate enough to be a part of award winning marching bands, and mostly-unknown metal acts, from Corpus Christi to Austin and everywhere in between. After nearly a decade banging out 80’s hits clad in a purple track suit, he is honored to finally be MOS-iffied. Which, contrary to popular opinion, does hurt a bit.