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Photo gallery starts automatically, but you will need to start the player by hitting the play button.  The controls for audio and photos are right below the photo gallery.

The song samples will last around 9 minutes playing a variety of cover material song segments or sound bites so that you get a feel for what we sound like live.

The recordings are not layered with added instrumentation or effects that we can not deliver for every live performance. We have professional gear and effects we use live so what you hear is what our audience will experience.

Sit back and enjoy the music and some of our humor. Once you are satisfied and wish to contact us, please click on the contact button in the main menu.

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Video & Links **Audio demo above and videos everywhere else.  Stop and start them individually. Enjoy! **

Video Compliments of Tad Browning - Georgetown Multimedia

Mayors of Simpleton has a large variety of material to customize sets with a special twist in offering numerous artist medleys.  Our rates are reasonable and we will travel as needed to make you a hero for you next event.  MOS has a full compliment of professional audio and lighting systems to raise the bar to any occasion.

If you would like to find out more on our availability and price, please press the arrow key below or use the contact tab.          We will respond promptly.


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