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Mayors of Simpleton

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  Welcome to the House of MOS           

Mayor’s of Simpleton is a unique band focused currently on the more challenging side of cover material. Not only in the artists selected, but the more complex material those well received artists recorded and performed. We bring those songs to life again in a tight 3 piece lineup.   MOS has added a multi-set format of favorite hits from the 60’s to current day.  

What sets us apart from the mundane:

We have carefully selected a variety of artists more challenging material to cover spanning from the 60’s to current day.  We search these tunes out because we know the audiences love those artists and songs in particular. So we deliver what you want with lots of energy and skillful artistry you deserve.

Find us. Search for us. Drag your friends out to our next performance as you have found the type of band you want to go see, enjoy and dance to!

Recognized as the bastions of medleys, MOS offers a variety like no other.  Our interactive approach is to let the audience pick the artists they appreciate.  MOS is a living juke box full of artists and songs that you will want to hear and dance to.  Enjoy the MOS experience!

Original Members of MOS

Mayors of Simpleton

MOS Will Turn Your Cogs

Mayors of Simpleton is proud to offer a wide selection of artists that give us the ability to customize private events that fit a theme, occasion or simply a wicked-good time.  MOS has also created a three to four song medley of numerous artists that makes the “live jukebox” selection even easier.  Please contact us to discuss your next private or corporate event.  Club owners, don’t be shy as we only bite when we are told.

You’re in good hands!  Ask your local MOS Agent

Private Event - Austin - Jan 11th  from 10 to 1 AM                       

Currently filling Q1 & Q2 Calendar

Triton Stone Open House - Austin - Free food, drink & prizes  Friday, Mar 29th 4:00 to 7:00 PM                         Map